Implementation of Air Conditioning Intelligent

 Monitoring & Control Systems for Textile Plants






Today, air conditioning is becoming an increasingly important factor in building planning, because besides regulating the interior climate, it also contributes to the energy efficiency and operating costs of a building. Modern air conditioning technology provides a precisely tuned solution for different operational requirements and different indoor ambient types.


Correct interpretation of absolute and relative air humidity values in a room without permanent presence of people (e.g. a computer room) leads to the requirement for dew point temperature control. At the same time, the choice of corresponding HVAC technology is the key prerequisite to guarantee the optimum ambient parameters for your IT equipment which is operated in this special environment.

One of the most important factors for preservation of collections is provision of proper environmental conditions. However, few preservation concepts are as misunderstood. This is due partially to inappropriate target levels of temperature and relative humidity, and partially to a lack of information about how to achieve the desired target levels.


Most museum and historic site administrators realize that sophisticated heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will provide the desired results, but these are often well beyond their budgets. Very few realize that acceptable environmental control can be provided with relatively inexpensive low-tech solutions. In fact, some preservation procedures cost nothing and ctually reduce current expenditures.


The effect of Relative Humidity and Temperature on Collection Objects

In a collection environment, hygroscopic materials such as wood, paper, textiles, paint, and leather always have some water chemically combined within their structure. Their moisture content varies with the ambient relative humidity and temperature. Rising relative humidity causes an increase in moisture content and expansion, with a corresponding shrinkage when the relative humidity falls. Rising temperature causes shrinkage and falling temperature, expansion.

Within the environmental range encountered in historic buildings, the effect of relative humidity changes is far greater than that of temperature. For conceptual purposes, a relative humidity change of 10% is roughly equivalent to a temperature change of 60 degrees F. Generally, temperature and relative humidity are inversely related. If the temperature increases, the relative humidity falls and vice versa.



RH and Temperature Monitoring

A comprehensive program of controlling & monitoring the temperature and relative humidity allows intelligent steps to be taken in controlling the collection's environment. Monitoring data will contain signals of whether dehumidifiers are needed and when they need to be turned on; if and when air conditioning is required; and may serve to point out problems with drainage, leakage or water infiltration before they would otherwise be noticed. Additionally, the readings will allow determination of which spaces are more appropriate for storage, and which are causing accelerated deterioration. Otherwise, environmental control efforts are just guesses, with no way of determining if the desired effects are actually occurring.

In general, inexpensive manual monitoring systems require more human involvement than high-tech automated ones, which require more money. Therefore, if staff time is available and money is not, begin with a manual system and seek funding for a less labor-intensive system in the future. Take manual readings in each area that contains (or is projected to contain) collections in storage or exhibition. It is also helpful to take a reading outside the buildings to record the exterior conditions and to note where the readings are taken in each room.




The system has such main components as an air conditioned room of textile plant, the fresh, mix, exhaust air dampers with damper actuators, ventilation(supply fan) and exhaust(return fan) air fans, humidifiers (air washer) pumps, driver inverters for control humidification, temperature, humidity, air flow and differential air pressure sensors and controllers.

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